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TAY-SEER is a full-service tax agency focused on auditing, accounting and VAT tax. We are registered by the UAE financial authorities and enlisted with the UAE official-related authorities such as courts, major banks and the Federal Tax Authority (FTA). Our twenty years of experience in the UAE financial regulations, combined with our exceptional talents, provide our clients with optimum strategies and solutions. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to aid in the company’s Accounting and VAT complications for businesses throughout the UAE by providing from best of UAE’s Auditors, Accountants, Financial Advisers, and Tax Agents. With our deep knowledge in functional, operational and across various sectors (banks, contractors, suppliers, industrial, real states, insurance, share markets, sports, … etc.), we can help all sort of business levels (self-employed, start-ups, running new and old businesses, mergers, joint ventures, and many more.) to come with their business firm and strong. Our insight, skills, local understanding and passion enable us to handle administrative difficulties that other agencies can’t.

Why choose TAY-SEER?

It is a one-stop for all your Tax and business financial needs. We offer high-quality services such as value-added tax (VAT), accounting, bookkeeping, payroll, and auditing. Our team is problems solvers. delving deep into all sub-specialty areas of value-added tax (VAT).  Our  in-depth understanding of the rules and the procedures in various sectors throughout the UAE will benefit our customers. We aim to be the best at all that we do. 


We help businesses to optimize their resources and maximize profit

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